The First Few Weeks with Your Baby at Home

Your first few weeks with a new baby will be thrilling, tiring, and utterly novel. Nothing can quite prepare you for the changes, especially if you are first-time parents. After all, this baby has a unique temperament and set of preferences but since you are new to each other, there will be some trial and error as you both become acquainted. Add this to the physical and emotional stress of recovering from birth itself, and you’ve got quite a challenge!

Before your baby settles into regular eating and sleep patterns, your life may seem quite chaotic. Lots of things happen during this adjustment period, and parents often worry about doing things right. If you find yourself needing advice, don’t hesitate to call the pediatrician for reassurance.

Babies do have different temperaments some easy, some more difficult. If you have a calm and even-tempered baby, the adjustment will be easier. If, on the other hand, your baby has a hard time adjusting to life outside the womb, this period may seem like a rough ride which is perfectly normal.

Whether your baby is easy, difficult, or somewhere in between, family members and friends can be of tremendous help in the first few weeks. If people close to you have come to help out, don’t hesitate to tell them what you need. Be sure, however, to trust your own judgment when it comes to caring for your newborn. Well-meaning friends and relatives may offer advice on everything from feeding schedules to sleep positions to appropriate infant attire. While some of this folk wisdom may be valid, much of it is bound to be inaccurate, outdated, or just plain wrong for you and your baby. Instead of following everyone else’s recommendations, try to respond sensibly to your baby’s cues realizing, of course, that you may have to go through a trial-and-error period before you find what works.

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